About POSTest

What POSTest is:

POStest is an open source project designed to give developers a GUI based utility for exercising POS devices using JavaPOS.

POStest can also serve as a great reference on how to program using JavaPOS.

What POSTest is not:

POSTest is not a JavaPOS device simulator. It does not replace actual physical hardware and JavaPOS Drivers.

What UnifiedPOS device categories are supported?:

Currently the following devices are supported:
  • CashDrawer
  • FiscalPrinter
  • HardTotals
  • Keylock
  • LineDisplay
  • MICR
  • MotionSensor
  • MSR
  • PINPad
  • POSKeyboard
  • POSPrinter
  • Scale
  • Scanner
  • SignatureCapture
  • ToneIndicator

Who can I thank for this wonderful project?:

The original code base was donated to the JavaPOS working group by 360 Commerce
Since then, the code has been maintained by Jeff Lange from Ultimate Technology Coporation.
Significant contributors include:

If you would like to help improve POSTest, simply submit any changes you make to Jeff Lange and he will merge your changes into the CVS tree.